Member Benefits

More than 50% discount while dining with another guest**

Member Offers

As member you receive Gift Certificate worth more than Rs 50,000**

Member Privileges

As member you are entitled to special Privileges while at the hotel.

About Akama Honour

what is akama honour?

Akama Honour is Akama Hotel's Food and beverage Loyalty Program that offers a wide range of benefits who dines at our hotel. Unlock the best of kathmandu dining with Akama Honour, whether you are enjoying a delicious buffet, a meal from our restaurant to a round of drinks you will get discounts up to a maximum discount of 50% (when you dine with another guest), 20% flat discount on beverages and Gift Certificates worth more than Rs 50,000 in value.

Member Benefits

Your membership can be used at your convenience when dining with us and it entitles you to the following exciting benefits:

  • 50% discount on the food bill when you dine with one guest
  • 33% off while dining with two other persons
  • 25% off while dining with three other persons
  • 20% flat while dining with more than 5 people
  • 20% flat discount on Beverage bills
  • 10% discount on food only while organizing an event at the hotel


  • Late checkout-each time a Honour members stays at our Hotel you are entitled for a late checkout

Gift Certificates

  • Two-night complimentary stay at Akama Hotel
  • Food voucher worth Rs 2000
  • Complementary 2-pound Birthday Cake and a bottle of Wine
  • Celebrate your Anniversary with your spouse with a bottle of wine while dining at the hotel (no take away allowed)
  • Complementary use of our Boardroom with tea/coffee and cookies for maximum of 10 people.
  • One time use of our swimming pool for 4 people

member sign up

Once you sign Up , Akama Hotel team will contact you for further details